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The Building & Zoning Department is responsible for enforcement of the Township’s zoning, subdivision, and land development ordinances, the Township’s property maintenance ordinance, as well as the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code for Residential and Commercial construction. The department is responsible for all zoning, building, and use & occupancy permits reviewed and issued within New Britain Township.

Mission Statement

“To ensure the Health, Safety, Welfare, and quality of life of the residents and visitors to New Britain Township through compliance with the adopted Ordinances of the Township, including the construction, fire, and property maintenance codes, enacted by the residents’ representatives, the Township Supervisors.”

Building & Code

The Building & Code Enforcement Department is responsible for enforcement of all the Township’s codes and laws under Chapter 4 – Buildings and Chapter 5 – Code Enforcement of the Code of Ordinances of New Britain Township, adopted by the Board of Supervisors.


The Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code (MPC) authorizes municipalities to adopt a Zoning Ordinance. The Zoning Department is responsible for enforcing Chapter 27 – Zoning of the Code of Ordinances, adopted by the New Britain Township Board of Supervisors, as well as reviewing Zoning Permit Applications.

Use & Occupancy

Use & Occupancy is required for both residential and commercial properties in New Britain Township for any resale, lease, or rental.  The seller or landlord is responsible for obtaining a Use & Occupancy application from the Township, as well as, paying the fee and setting up an inspection.  Agents are authorized to apply in place of the seller for both a Residential Use & Occupancy Application and a Commercial Use & Occupancy Application.  No person should go to a settlement or occupy a space without a Use & Occupancy Certificate to ensure everyone’s safety both a resident and a visitor. A Zoning Permit for change of use is required for commercial properties a tenant or change of use takes place.

Subdivision & Land Development

Subdivision is the act of dividing land and creating new property boundaries. Land Development refers to the improvement of land with at least one non-residential building or two residential buildings. These activities are regulated by the New Britain Township Chapter 27 – Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance in accordance with the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code (MPC).

New Britain Township Code of Ordinances

The link below will direct you to New Britain’s adopted laws presented on a searchable online platform.

How do I use this resource to understand local laws?

An ordinance is an amendment, deletion, and/or an addition to the body of laws that are in effect in the Township of New Britain. The Board of Supervisors approves ordinances by majority vote and they are enacted with the approving signatures of the Board of Supervisors.

The record of adopted ordinances incrementally changes the overall body of laws in effect in New Britain Township. Codification is the process where the ordinances are indexed and inserted into the body of laws – in their right place with appropriate additions and deletions.

The body of laws and all of the adopted ordinances not yet codified can be viewed using the link below. Simply click on the “new laws” link to the left of the New Britain Township Code page to see a list of Ordinances not yet codified by number.

New Britain Township Code – eCode360


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