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Find the Special Egg and Win a Prize!
Saturday, March 21, 2015
Starting at 10:00am SHARP
Raindate: March 28, 2015

North Branch Park
207 Park Avenue
Chalfont, PA 18914

Meet our Special Guest - The Easter Bunny!
Arrive early to take pictures with the Easter Bunny
Below is a list of some snow removal reminders for all residents:

- The Public Works Department is responsible for salting and plowing all Township-owned roadways and facilities.

- Salting begins soon after snow starts to fall. Plowing commences after an accumulation of at least 2 inches of snow.

- With larger storms, roadways will be plowed several times during the course of the event.

- It takes an average of 6 to 8 hours for the Public Works Department to plow all Township roads after the snowfall has ended. Please be patient!

- All obstacles MUST be removed from the edge of the roadway (i.e. basketball hoops, trash cans, etc.)

- DO NOT put trash can containers or recycling bins in the street, as they will get hit by the plow

- The Township Snow Ordinance requires that you must remove your vehicle from the roadway after one (1) hour of continuous snowfall. Do not place it back in the street until after the road has been completely cleared.

The Chalfont Fire Station will open on a case to case basis as a comfort station for residents of New Britain Township, Chalfont Borough, New Britain Borough and Doylestown Township during emergencies. Chalfont Borough will post on its website,, when the comfort station is activated and opened. This will usually occur when the power has been out or is expected to be out for over 4 hours.

In the event that you need to visit a comfort station please remember the following rules/tips:
- Pets are not allowed (with the exception of service dogs)
- Remember to bring your own supplies (blankets, medication, food) - There will be no food served at the comfort station so please plan accordingly
- The comfort station is not a 24 hour shelter. It will not be open overnight for residents to stay over. Hours of operation will typically be from 7 or 8 am to 5 or 6 pm.

On December 15, 2014, the Board of Supervisors of New Britain Township adopted a 2015 Budget, reflecting no millage increase, and an Earned Income Tax of 1.025%. This Budget is balanced, fiscally responsible and meets both the short- and long-term goals of New Britain Township. The 2015 Budget provides the resources necessary to meet the goals of our community for the coming year: delivering services in the most cost-effective way, providing the needed investments in the community and insuring a successful future for those who live and work in New Britain Township.

Because of our long history of fiscal conservatism and the efforts initiated in prior years to prepare for the potential decrease in revenue in a trying economy, we are able to weather declining revenues without service impacts to general government, police, public works and recreation.

Our efforts will continue to foster a more productive work environment through continuous improvement and a careful assessment of essential services ￿ that is the provision of public services at the highest possible level and in the most fiscally responsible manner.

We welcome your comments and suggestions as we strive to keep New Britain Township a wonderful place to live, work and play.

John A. Bodden Sr., Chairman of the New Britain Township Board of Supervisors

To view a copy of the 2015 Budget CLICK HERE.

New Britain Township Veterans Committee is currently in the early planning stages of creating a facility known as Veterans Park to honor all Veterans who served or are presently serving in the United States Armed Forces. The Park will be located on 62+ acres at New Galena Road and Walters Road. The land is owned by Bucks County and leased to New Britain Township for Parkland and Agricultural uses. The aspiration is to create "A peaceful air of contemplation" in conjunction with its existing Agricultural use.

To view the Veterans Park Design CLICK HERE.

Since November 2001, Bucks County has been providing transportation to our Veterans to VA Hospitals in Philadelphia and Coatesville. The Transportation Program is overseen by the Bucks County Department of Veterans Afairs and has carried over 11,000 Veterans FREE of charge. The bus runs 5 days a week coveraing all of Bucks County.
The program is unique because it is not a taxpayer funded program, but rather depends on donations and an annual golf outing. In addition the VA Hospital in Coatesville pays for all maintenance, fuel, and Insurance.
For further informatino or to schedule a ride,call Betty at #215-345-3885.
To view the daily schedule CLICK HERE

Residents can now follow New Britain Township on Facebook and Twitter to receive updates on events and emergencies in the area.
To follow us on Twitter go to
To follow us on Facebook go to

VFW Post 3258 is collecting faded, worn and retired flags for their September Flag Retirement Ceremony. A bin to collect these flags is available in the lobby of the New Britain Township Administration Building, 207 Park Avenue. For more information on Flag Disposal click here.

Get local alerts about emergencies, severe weather and road closures on your cell or email. ReadyNotifyPA is a system that helps local officials in Southeastern Pennsylvania send emergency text alerts and other notifications to you quickly. To learn more and sign up

The Bucks County Emergency Management Agency, in partnership with the Bucks County Health Department and County Commissioners, introduced the Bucks County Special Needs Registry for indivicuals who would require assistance during an emergency.

The Special needs Registry is free, voluntary and a strictly confidential program. It is designed to help those who have difficulty during an evacuation due to physical or cognitive limitations, language barriers, or lack of transportation. The BC EMA will assist First Responders with making the best use of limited time and resources to help those with no other options for evacuation during an emergency.

Residents (or caregivers on their behalf) may register electronically by accessing

Welcome to the New Britain Township government services web site. The goal, mission and focus of this web site is to provide an efficient and informative site that will provide timely and accurate information. We hope you enjoy our updated site!

New Britain Township is located in central Bucks County, Pennsylvania , 35 miles northwest of the City of Philadelphia. Because of the Township's close proximity to this major city, New Britain Township has, and will continue to, experience substantial amounts of growth well into the 21st Century.

New Britain Township is proud of its rich heritage and has worked hard over the years to preserve its natural, historic and other valuable resources that make our Township so special. New Britain Township is able to offer its residents a high-quality balance of both passive and active recreational opportunities, good housing and access to businesses that provide goods, services and employment to our community.

The elected officials continue to plan with a focus on preparing our future while preserving our past.

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