The chemical spill on the Delaware River in Bristol, PA, in lower Bucks County, which the Philadelphia Water Department has been responding to over the weekend, occurred at a location approximately 38 miles south of and downstream of North Penn Water Authority (NPWA) and North Wales Water Authoritys’ (NWWA) river intake at the Point Pleasant Pumping Station.

“There is no impact from this event on customers of the North Penn Water Authority. Our water is continuously monitored and tested around the clock every day. Our customers can be assured that their water is completely safe.”

Anthony Bellitto, executive director of NPWA

“All retail service water customers served directly by the North Wales Water Authority, as well as all bulk customers receiving water from the NWWA and our Forest Park Treatment plant in Chalfont may rest assured that the recent spill in the Bristol area of Lower Bucks County does NOT IMPACT the NWWA water supply in any manner.”

Robert Bender, Executive Director of NWWA

Aqua Water also took steps to ensure their customers would not be impacted by the Delaware River chemical spill.

“Aqua has not detected any chemicals related to the Delaware River spill in our drinking water from the very beginning. The chemicals never reached our drinking water because we took immediate action to protect our customers by shutting down our Bristol Water Treatment Plant and continuing to take protective measures.”

Aqua Water Company

Any New Britain Township resident with concerns or questions may reach out to their public water service provider by using the contact information located on the Water & Sewer Services page on the Township’s website, which can be accessed by clicking/tapping HERE.

If you do not know who your provider is you can view a map of the public water sevice areas by clicking/tapping HERE.