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Public Works - Snow Removal

New Britain Township Public Works

The Public Works Department is responsible for salting and plowing all Township owned roadways and facilities. The salting process starts soon after the snow begins and then the roadways are plowed after an accumulation of 2". Major roadways are plowed until the snow has stopped, then all roadways are plowed back to the curb and re-salted if needed.

The Township hires private contractors (8 or 9 vehicles) during the plowing operation. These vehicles are used in developments and in the 70 plus cul-de-sacs owned by the Township. These cul-de-sacs take the most time to plow and are harder for the bigger trucks to maneuver around.

If the storm is large enough, roadways will be plowed several times. It takes on the average 6-8 hours for the Public Works Department to plow the Township roads after the snow has ended.

Please be patient until we get to your street and wait 1 hour after you see a truck on your street as sometimes the operator might make one more pass during the larger storms.

Please remove all obstacles from the edge of the roadway (i.e. basketball hoops).

These items are not permitted according to the Zoning code, to be in the public right-of-way. If they are there, they can cause major damage to our trucks and other vehicles might hit them as well.

Another problem is trash and recycling containers. If these items are placed on the road, they are going to get hit by the plow.

Please DO NOT put TRASH CONTAINERS in the street at anytime of the year

and remember to remove your vehicle after 1 hour of continuing snow fall because the Township Snow Ordinance requires this. When shoveling, snow blowing or plowing your driveway, DO NOT put the snow back into the street. This is against the law to do and it leaves a road hazard for other motorists to try and drive through, leaving you liable if someone gets hurt.

To View New Britain Township Snow and Ice Policy CLICK HERE.

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