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Public Works - Current Projects

New Britain Township Public Works

New Britain Township will begin their annual Street Sweeping Program shortly.  If you see the Sweeper coming, please remove your vehicles from the street so the Roadway can be cleaned from Curb to Curb.  The TENTATIVE schedule is as follows:

April 20-May 1
Old Iron Hill, Sunnybrooke, Brookdale, Pheasant Run
Teal, Goldeneye, Willow Wood, Ruth
Janton Way, Green Valley, Blue Jay
Upper State and Bristol

May 4-May 15
Blyden Square, Naomi, Blackburn
Upper State, Clearview, Woodside
Highpoint, Horizon, Highlands
Manor Schoolhouse

May 18-May 29
Brittany Farms, Skyline, Cedar Hill
Holly, Brookside, Overlook
County Line Park, Hunter Way, Britain Wood Circle
Circle Drive, Stewart

June 1-June 12
The Reserve, NB Boulevard, Greenwood, Maple
Crescent, Helens Lane, Glen
Brooke, Walden, Tower Hill Homes & Woods
Harvest Hill, Stoney Creek

June 15-June 26
Park Avenue Devs., New Britain Walk, Rte. 202
County Line Road, Rte. 313
Township Properties


New Britain Township, in conjunction with Chalfont Borough, Doylestown Township, Doylestown Borough, New Britain Borough, including The Doylestown Community Bike and Hike Committee have been working together on the Neshaminy Creek Greenway Trail project. The Neshaminy Greenway Trail will connect a significant portion of five communities to two train lines in Chalfont Borough and New Britain Borough. It will also connect to the local DART public bus that runs from County Line Road to Delaware Valley University. This trail will connect to multiple parks within the region including the Quinlan Nature Preserve in New Britain Borough, as well as connecting the town centers of Doylestown Borough and Chalfont Borough.  

The project has been designed to minimize impacts on adjacent residents and motorists traveling through the area as much as is feasible. However, some impacts/delays will occur.

The Neshaminy Greenway Trail installation along Upper State Road will continue. Bridge repair work will be eliminated for now and coordinated with Bucks County. Upper State Road will NOT go to a single lane closure at this time. The Township will be notified if any bridge work is finalized with the County along with any future road restrictions.

In addition, Bristol Road is not proposed to be fully closed at this time. The road detour is postponed. AFTER the Bristol Road trail and trail along the creek is completed, Bristol Road will be closed in one direction (northbound). Once the Township is notified, posts will be placed of the detour work once scheduled. Expect some delays as installation of a portion of the Neshaminy Greenway Trail will be underway. The installation of the Neshaminy Greenway Trail will include enhancement to the existing Bristol Road Bridge. The construction duration of the trail install will possibly continue into the Fall of 2020. Please refer to the Neshaminy Greenway Trail Detour Map.

The contractor is required to maintain access to all streets and driveways at all times during construction. For any residents with driveways within the work area, the construction contractor or construction inspector will coordinate directly with you to coordinate driveway adjustments/repaving.

New Britain Township is working on the final portion to complete the Neshaminy Greenway Trail Project. You can review the final portion to complete the trail - labeled "Special Project." Please refer to the Neshaminy Greenway Trail Map.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation as we complete this important improvement to our community.


For 2019, New Britain Township has culverts in disrepair that are in need of replacement. In May of 2018, New Britain Township put four culverts out for bid and held the bid opening on June 6, 2018. DOLI Construction was the lowest bidder for all four culverts at a total cost of $953,205.00. The bid was awarded to DOLI at the Board of Supervisor’s meeting on June 18, 2018. The culverts will be paid for out of the $3,000,000 loan from First National Bank of Newtown that the Township obtained last year for the bridge replacement and for a number of capital projects.

DOLI has completed the Sellersville Road twin culvert near Brook Lane, the second culvert on Upper Church Road between Stump and King Roads and the box culvert along Sellersville Road near Curley Mill Road. The final culvert is currently in progress on Walters Road near Helens Lane. The township will post up to minute news and closures in case there are any changes. The final project is anticipated to be completed within one month barring the weather.

For more information on the draft plan for the project, see below:


PennDOT is scheduled to begin construction on the Butler Avenue Bridge (near St. Jude’s church) in New Britain Township on Monday, June 17th. The work is estimated to take two months and projected to be completed before the start of the 2019-2020 school year. Butler Avenue (Business Route 202) will be closed during this time.

PennDOT’s posted detour is South Limekiln Pike (SR 152), Route 202 Parkway (SR 0202), and County Line Road (SR 2038). For more information on the posted detour, CLICK HERE.

In 2018, at the Township’s request, representatives from PennDOT provided Township residents with information on the PennDOT Butler Avenue Culvert Project (Butler Avenue Bridge Replacement) at the June 18th Board of Supervisors meeting at 7:00 p.m.

For the Butler Avenue Culvert Project Detour Plan, CLICK HERE.


PennDOT has chosen to evaluate the Bristol Road Extension Project in Chalfont and New Britain Boroughs and New Britain Township, Bucks County, the project would involve constructing a two-lane road that would connect Butler Avenue to Park Avenue. PennDOT has identified several alternative routes and is focusing on two routes in particular, as of the June 5th meeting at Unami Middle School. The first is the traditional Bristol Road Extension that connects Bristol Road from Route 202 to Park Avenue. The second route being considered, is being refered to as Park-Butler Connector C, would connect Park Avenue and Butler Avenue north of the Bristol Road and Butler Avenue intersection.

Below are the documents and presentation from PennDOT’s recent June 5th, 2018 open house project update meeting at the Unami Middle School in Chalfont Borough. You will also find the open house survey as well as, a PDF of the Resident Feedback Survey that will need to be submited to PennDOT by July 5th:

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