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Public Works - Current Projects

New Britain Township Public Works
Bituminous Wearing Course (Starting August 9 or 10; Weather Permitting)
  • Walden Way from Sellersville Road to Cul-de-Sac
  • Clover Lane from Walden Way to Cul-de-Sac

Oil and Chip (August 13, 2018; Weather Permitting)

  • Highlands Drive from W. Butler Avenue to School House Road
  • Boulder Drive from Schoolhouse Road to Schoolhouse Road
  • Maple Avenue from New Galena Rd to County Line Road
  • Greenwood Avenue from New Galena Road to Maple Avenue
  • Walters Road from Township Line Road to New Galena Road
  • Curley Mill Road from Route 152 to Sellersville Road
  • Newville Road from Curley Mill Road to New Galena Road
  • Upper Stump Road from Route 152 to Hilltown Border and Hilltown Border to Callowhill Road
  • Myers Road from Callowhill Road to Park Road
  • Park Road (King Road) from Myers Road to Upper Stump Road
  • Upper Church Road from King Road to Upper Stump Road
  • Old Limekiln Road from Winery Property Line to New Galena Road
  • Keller Road from Upper Stump Road to King Road
  • Stone Creek Lane from Upper Stump Road to Cul-de-Sac
  • Chapman Road from King Road to New Galena Road
  • Helens Lane from Walters Road to Cul-de-Sac

Ultra Thin Bonded Wearing Course (October 11, 12, & 15, 2018; Weather Permitting)

  • Highlands Drive from W Butler Avenue to E Schoolhouse Road
  • Highpoint Drive from E Schoolhouse Road to Upper State Road
  • Horizon Drive from Highpoint Drive to First Office Entrance
  • Horizon Circle from Horizon Drive to Cul-de-Sac


Barclay Road will be closed between Township Line Road and New Galena Road over the next couple of months. These closures will take place during the day, while Toll Brothers conducts work on the roadway.

Residents should expect delays during this time and should follow the posted detour route.

Culvert Projects

For 2018-2019, New Britain Township has identified four culverts that are in disrepair and in need of replacement. Two of the culverts are located on Sellersville Road, one is on Walter Road and the last is on Upper Church Road. In May of 2018, New Britain Township put the four culverts out for bid and held the bid opening on June 6, 2018. DOLI Construction was the low bidder for all four culverts at a total cost of $953,205.00. The bid was awarded to DOLI at the Board of Supervisor’s meeting on June 18, 2018. The culverts will be paid for out of the $3,000,000 loan from First National Bank of Newtown that the Township obtained last year for the bridge replacement and for a number of capital projects.

The culvert projects are to be spread out over 2018 and 2019 to avoid unnecessary traffic congestion by having too many roads closed at once. All efforts will be made to manage closures in a timely fashion. DOLI is looking to begin on the culverts this fall. The first culvert to be replaced is the twin pipe culvert on Sellersville Road between Brook Lane and Walden Way. DOLI plans to work on each culvert individually to alleviate compounding road closures. The Township is having ongoing conversations with DOLI Construction to establish a tentative schedule and order for the remaining culverts. The township will post up to minute news and closures. The projects are set to be completed by the end of 2019.

For more information on the draft plan for the project, see below:


At the Township’s request, representatives from PennDOT will provide Township residents with information on the PennDOT Butler Avenue Culvert Project (Butler Avenue Bridge Replacement) at the June 18th Board of Supervisors meeting at 7:00 p.m.

Those interested and affected by the proposed project and the potential closure of W. Butler Avenue are encouraged to attend.

For more information on the draft plan for the project, see below:


PennDOT has chosen to evaluate the Bristol Road Extension Project in Chalfont and New Britain Boroughs and New Britain Township, Bucks County, the project would involve constructing a two-lane road that would connect Butler Avenue to Park Avenue. PennDOT has identified several alternative routes and is focusing on two routes in particular, as of the June 5th meeting at Unami Middle School. The first is the traditional Bristol Road Extension that connects Bristol Road from Route 202 to Park Avenue. The second route being considered, is being refered to as Park-Butler Connector C, would connect Park Avenue and Butler Avenue north of the Bristol Road and Butler Avenue intersection.

Below are the documents and presentation from PennDOT’s recent June 5th, 2018 open house project update meeting at the Unami Middle School in Chalfont Borough. You will also find the open house survey as well as, a PDF of the Resident Feedback Survey that will need to be submited to PennDOT by July 5th:

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