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Public Works - Programs / Maintenance

New Britain Township Public Works
Pavement Repairs

The Public Works Department is responsible for all Township owned roadways. To report a pothole on a dedicated Township roadway, please call us at 215-822-3698.

If you call after hours, please leave a detailed message and a phone number where you can be reached between the hours of 7 a.m. and 3 p.m. Monday through Friday and someone will return your call.

The Public Works Department has a yearly road resurfacing program as well as Oil & chip program. Please look under Current Projects. Funding comes from Liquid Fuels money received from the State and the Board of Supervisor Capital Plan.

Roadways are resurfaced based on condition and when they were last paved or treated. Traffic volume is a large area that is looked at also in making the determination on which street gets priority.

When a roadway is selected to be resurfaced all utilities are notified ahead of time when possible so any utilities can be replaced or repaired before work is done. The residents in the proposed area will also be notified.

State Roadways

There are over 21 miles of state owned roads in New Britain Township. They are:

  • Route 202
  • Ferry Road
  • Railroad Avenue between Barry Road and Route 152
  • Route 152
  • County Line Road
  • Route 313
  • Hilltown Pike
  • Route 309
  • New Galena Road from Callowhill Road to Hilltown Pike
  • Callowhill Road
  • Park Avenue
  • Bristol Road

PennDOT can be reached at 215-345-6060 to report conditions on State highways.

Temporary Repairs

Temporary repairs will be made during the winter months when hot asphalt is not available and may be required to be patched several times because material used is a "cold patch". This material remains pliable and will rattle off in some cases where water is present due to freezing and thawing. Permanent repairs will be made in the spring when hot asphalt is available again.

Oil and Chip

This is a process where an oil distributor truck will spray emulsion type oil onto the roadway sealing the road A chipper machine will then apply 1/2" stone to cover the oil and it is rolled with a roller. This is a very effective way to preserve a roadway and is much cheaper to do.

This method is used mainly on open roads to preserve them from water getting into the road bed and freezing during the winter which causes the unwanted potholes. However, this method is not popular with most motorists because until the oil hardens or sets up there will be some minor stone chip fly-off. Usually within a week after this is applied the Public Works Department will sweep the streets and that will eliminate most problems.

Crack Sealing

This is usually done during winter months and early spring to keep water from getting under the roadway via the cracks in the road pavement. This is done with a special road sealant material which is heated to 300-400 degrees and applied into the cracks.

Street signs, Street lights and pavement markings

The Public Works Department is responsible for all street name signs and traffic advisory type signs on Township owned roadways. All signage and roadway striping is done according to the specifications set by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

Tree Trimming

During the winter months, the Public Works Department will trim all vegetation within the right-of-ways to eliminate damage to residents vehicles and Township owned vehicles and to improve visibility at intersections where needed.

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