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Public Works - FAQs

Does the Public Works Department pick up Christmas trees?

Christmas trees may be taken to West Branch Park located off of Schoolhouse Road between Cedar Hill Road and Walnut Streets or North Branch Park located behind the Township Administration Building on Park Avenue. Areas will be marked where to put the trees. Please make sure that any wire is removed from the tree. Trees can be dropped off between December 26 and January 31.

I need a final water or sewer meter reading, do you do that?

Please call whoever you pay your bill to: Water: Aqua of PA, North Penn Water Authority or North Wales Water Authority. Sewer: Chalfont New Britain Township Joint Sewer Authority or call the Township Administration Building at 215-822-1391 if you are unsure and they will advise you on the correct number to call.

When is my street going to be plowed?

The streets are plowed in order of priority. Main roads are plowed first and then secondary roads, then all development roads. Please be patient as it takes us, on average once snow has stopped, about 6 - 8 hours to plow the Township and two hours to salt the Township roads.

Does the Public Works Department pick up leaves?

The Board of Supervisors has contracted with your trash hauler who is licensed by the Township to recycle leaves and yard waste.

If I have just trimmed my trees will the Public Works Department pick them up?

You can put them out with your trash. Trash haulers are contracted to pick up branches and other yard waste.

My mailbox was damaged by the snow plow, who do I contact?

If your mailbox was hit by the snow plow please notify the Public Works Department at 215-822-3698. If it is determined by the Township that the plow did hit your mailbox, the Public Works Department will provide a temporary box until yours can be fixed. If your mailbox was knocked down by snow expelled from the plow, it's the property owner's responsibility. The Public Works Department does a mailbox inspection each year and we check the distance from the curb and the general condition of the mailbox and post. The proper distance should be 6" behind the curb. You will be notified if you are in violation before the winter season begins. The Township will replace your mailbox and/or post if damage to item was done by the plow. We will only put up post and/or box up to a value of $100.00 or the homeowner can do it and will be reimbursed up to $100.00, by prior arrangement, with receipt to verify actual costs.

A stop sign has been knocked down, who do I call?

The Public Works non-emergency number is 215-822-3698 or Bucks County Radio Room at 215-345-3624 after hours as soon as possible and the Public Works Department will bring out a temporary Stop sign right away. Please notify as soon as possible to avoid any accidents from the missing stop sign.

Who do I call for an after hours emergency?

The Public Works Department works Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. and have off most standard holidays. If it is after hours, please call the BUCKS COUNTY RADIO ROOM at 215-348-3564 and explain what your emergency is. They will contact the Superintendent of Public Works and/or the Police Department and someone will respond to your needs.

Does the Public Works Department sweep the streets?

Yes, every spring beginning at the end of March or early April we begin street sweeping. It will take 2 - 3 weeks to sweep the entire Township. Streets will be swept on an as needed basis after that.

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