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Board of Supervisors - Members

Helen Haun, Member

Helen Haun, Member

Helen B. Haun has been a Supervisor since 1998, with an attendance record over 98%. Helen has previously served on the Planning Commission (1992 to 2003). She also served on the Land Preservation Committee and Environmental Advisory Committee since 1997. Helen is the Township's representative to the Board of Directors for the North Penn Water Authority and currently serves as their Board Chair. She is a charter member in the founding of the North Branch Watershed Association and was appointed by Governor Rendell to the Delaware Basin Regional Water Resources Committee in 2003 and reappointed in 2007. Helen is also a member of the Village Improvement Association, a volunteer with Vita and knits prayer shawls for her church.

"The job of Supervisor has become more full-time over the years, but I love it. This job is too important to be politically partisan. My motto is, you picked a great place to live, help to keep it that way."

John A. Bodden, Member

John A. Bodden, Vice Chair

John A. Bodden, Sr., a retired real estate broker, has been a Township resident since 1973. He was elected to the Board of Supervisors and has served there since 1993. He also served on the Zoning Hearing Board from 1979-1993, serving as Chair since 1984. A Vietnam Veteran, he was also a New Britain Township Police Officer from 1972-1975.

"My vision for New Britain Township has not changed. We must maintain New Britain Township as an outstanding community to live in. We must ensure essential Emergency Services for residents' safety and welfare. We need to maintain safe roads and promote traffic safety. We demonstrate fiscal responsibility with taxpayers' money. We provide quality park and recreation facilities. We strive to recruit quality organizations and businesses to locate within New Britain Township, such as Children's Hospital, New Seasons Assisted Living and Byer's Choice to relieve pressure on the residential tax base."

William B. Jones, Member

William B. Jones, Member

William B. Jones, III has been a Supervisor since 2003, with several stints as Chair. He continues to serve on the Planning Commission since 1994, and has served as Chair of that committee in the past. He has also been on the Park and Recreation Board since 1990 and served for a number of years as its Chair. He was involved with the PARI study that was done in 2002 to determine the needs and desires of residents for future park and recreation planning. Bill was on both the first and second Land Preservation Study Committees to determine the most desirable properties for consideration for land preservation and open space.

Bill was a 23-year member of the Board of Directors for The Highlands Community and was the Property Manager of the Highlands for ten years. Working at the Highlands taught him the importance of working together for the common good of the community and the health and safety of the residents. Bill was the Controller and Chief Financial Officer at Montgomery Publishing for 22 years. Bill's work in finance has served him well in monitoring and working on the Township Budget and keeping costs down.

A. James Scanzillo, Chairman

A. James Scanzillo, Chairman

A. James Scanzillo has been a Township resident for over 27 years. During this time, he has selflessly served the Township in many capacities: Park and Recreation Board (1990-2007), Planning Commission (1993-2000, 2004-2008, four year as Chair), Zoning Hearing Board (2000-2004), Land Preservation Committee (2005-2007), and Supervisor (2005 to present, current Chair). Jim also served for ten years on the Highlands Community Association Board of Directors.

"Maintaining the high quality of life in the Township has always been my top priority. This is best accomplished by listening to residents, understanding and enforcing all zoning and land use laws, and by being open and above board in all matters. As the real estate market rebounds, controlling growth will be an issue. This can best be accomplished through intelligent planning and zoning initiatives, as well as a workable land preservation program. My 23 years of both volunteer and elected service to the Township have prepared me for the challenges of future growth. I have professional experience and a thorough understanding of the land preservation programs of Bucks County, giving me great insight as to what works best in New Britain Township."

Gregory Hood, Member

Gregory T. Hood, Member

Gregory T. Hood is a third generation New Britain Township resident and has lived in the Township for almost his entire life (40 years). Greg is married with three young sons. He has selflessly served the Township in many capacities: Planning Commission (2003-present, and has been Chair since 2008), Capital Planning Committee (2005-2007), Land Preservation Committee (2005-2010, Chair from 2009-2010). Greg has served as an election official in New Britain Township since 1999 and has been the Judge of Elections for South 1 since 2005. Greg has volunteered as a coach/assistant coach in the Lenape Valley Baseball and PA Rush Soccer programs since his children began playing sports. Professionally, Greg is a third generation business owner, whose business is located within the Township.

“Maintaining the high quality of life in the Township is my top priority. This is best accomplished by listening to residents and understanding their needs. Being willing to have an open mind, building trust, and treating people with respect relative to their positions is key when entrusted with the responsibility of being a Supervisor. In terms of future development, it is key to understand and enforce all zoning and land use laws, and by being open and above board in all matters. Fiscally, it is my job to be responsible with the taxpayers’ money, while still providing excellent services and upkeep of the Township. I feel my 10+ years of Township service and 20+ years in business management/ownership have provided me with valuable tools to deal with any future challenges that the Township may face.”

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